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This is a collection of 256 AI generated images of the Astrobots... Rascally Robots from Space!

I used AI in a few places to help with this collection. ChatGPT suggested the Collection Name of 'Astrobots' to me. ChatGPT also created the list of possible backstories that the metadata script randomly chose from for each Astrobot. The art itself was generated from Midjourney.

The names were randomly generated from a script I created (available on Github) that used a set of 14 patterns. Each pattern had a weight of for it's randomness. For example the most rare was the pattern '0-0-0' which is 1 digit, a hyphen, 1 digit, a hyphen, and 1 digit. There is only a 2% chance of this pattern being selected for the name generation. The name generation script, also kept track of all used names and verified each name was unique. There are also 4 possible languages which were randomly selected by the metadata script.

There are 256 Astrobots because 28 is 256. The base 2 numbering system (binary) is the lowest level language of computers.

There are two different aspect ratios. 2:3 which should be good for a phone wallpaper, and 3:2 which should be good for desktop wallpaper. There are 128 NFTs of each.

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